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"Touristic integration of traditional processing of wool in Tranylvania"

15.06 - 15.09.2005

Lisa is a little village in the Romanian region of Transylvania. It is 92 km from Brasov, the major urban centre of the region. Today, Lisa has over 1000 inhabitants and 326 farmsteads. The village lies at the foot of the Făgăraș Mountains, in the ancient „Făgăraș County“ or „Olt Country“. Although the appearance of the village and peoples’ lives has modernized, elements of traditional culture and civilization still persist.

A farmstead near the village of Lisa reconstructed their rug processing workshop, with help from the Piemonte region in Italy and the Brasov County Council under aegis of the „EU Montana – The Civilization of a Disappeared World“ program. This project combines rural ambient with a re-enactment of a traditional wool processing and tourist activities in order to integrate that kind of complex in a cultural tourism program.

The Ethnographic Museum of Brasov made a modern exhibition about this project that depicts in detail one of the ways of preserving farmsteads by including them as rural tourism activities.

By recognising the importance of transformation in traditional ways of life, they bring us the story of a farmstead where visitors can share everyday life with their hosts, enjoy home made food, but also learn something about wool processing methods.
This positive Romanian example can be an inspiration and motive for the realization of numerous contemporary ideas in the cultural tourism field in Istria.