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Water - blue gold

28.04 - 15.10.2006


The aim of the exhibition is to show numerous roles that water plays in human life. The world of water is presented through seven wholes: Water is Life; Water and Landscape; Usage of Water; Water and Everyday Life; Water and Right; Water and Spirituality; Water and Recreation.

Water is one of the most important elements on the Earth, essential for life. In our Solar system the Earth is the only planet with water, therefore with possibility of life. It is the main characteristic of our «blue planet», covering almost threee quarters of the Earth. It can be found in dew and rain, in the seas and rivers. Water is the basic element of all the living creatures. Water seems to be present everywhere on the Earth, but it is unevenly distributed. It appears in a solid, liquid and gaseous state. Even there where it is abundant, water is not completely usable. Only less than one percent of all the fresh water is available for human use. The origin of the first human dwellings and cultures is linked to water; civilizations were born and disappeared because of the way of its usage. From times remote man wished to control the wild power of water. His endeavours produced great inventions that lead to cultural progress. However, not all the attempts to control the power of water were a success. Quite the contrary, man's interventions into the natural ecosystems can cause catastrophic damages. The consequences of this are often worse than the effects which the natural processes could cause without the human intervention. Water does not exist in unlimitted quantities. Although we do not realize this at the moment, the shortage of water in the world becomes bigger and bigger problem every day. By 2050 half of the world population will be threatened by the shortage of water. Laws for protecting water and the action programme of the European Union concerning the undergound waters try to carry through the principle of the sustainable development, according to which every usage or influence affecting underground waters must be permanently in concordance with the environment. In the course of history water was the element around which certain concepts linked with the ideas on illness and health developed. Healing with water is a compound system, which understands a concordance between man and nature. While admiring water, man attributed divine traits to it, he offered sacrifices to it, he gave offerings and respect to the wells. Even today in folk devotion, we can find numerous ways of the usage of water which demonstrate the intertwining of rational and symbolic aspects. Water is an inspiration and a metaphore of the passing and flowing of time, a symbol of fertility and of an incessant life cycle, of purity, of devastation, but also of rebirth.