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"Godci go'jo prav na glas"

26.10.2006 - 15.09.2007

The exhibition of the Regional Museum Koper Godci god’jo prav na glas thematically explores folk musical instruments and folk music expression in Northern Istria, Ćićarija, Brkin and Ilirska Bistrica.

Ever since the late Middle Ages there has been a significant cultural connection between Istria and Venice, Middle Europe, especially Kranjska and Furlania, but also Austria, Czech and even Poland.

The first evidence of Istrian musical instruments date back to 17th century (G.F. Tommasin); information about Slovenian part of Istra, Ćićarija and Brkin can be found in works of Radoslav Hrovatin. We can say with certainty that the first sound recordings were made in the 1950’s, but unfortunately the recorded material had been lost. Interest in folk music of Northern Istria was once again expressed in the late 1970’s thanks to Dario Marušić and Robert Starec. Rožana Koštial, Marino Kranjac, Rožana Špeh, Romeo Volk and Emil Zonta are the ones that are today occupied with folk music heritage of Northern Istria, Ćićarija and area of Brkin-Bistrica.

Folk music research has, although with great delay, significantly expanded understanding of the ‘sound devices’. Folk instruments differ from other instruments in their different criteria, for historical and socio – cultural implication being the most interesting one. Any ‘musical device’ that folk musicians were using for playing traditional music on the occasions considered to be folk customs can become a musical instrument, even so different objects traditionally used to create a sound, and therefore being put in the function as musical instruments (wooden spatula, top cover, glass jar, foliage, trees, skin, etc.).
Regarding the area here presented, we are only at the beginning of the research.
The exhibition therefore, is not of aggregative significance, its primary intention is to present musical instruments of our multicultural microcosmic region, as well as to initiate further research of this topic.

Authors of the exhibition:

Vlasta Beltram, Zvona Ciglič, Marino Kranjac, Dario Marušić, Romeo Volk, Emil Zonta