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This way we were growing

13.06.2003 - 13.07.2003

The exhibition 'This way we were growing' is result of a 4-year cooperation between the  Ethnographic Museum of Istria and pupils of class 4c from elementary school 'Vladimir Nazor' from Pazin.
Our goal was understanding the role of 'ordinary' things in the  forming of children's everyday life and special bonds with objects that we gradually forget.

 During the  4-year period, we collected exactly those things.
While the children were in first grade, most objects were toys, picture books and similar objects from their preschool time. In time, we collected their first drawings, schools tests, first books and filled notebooks...
This way, we try to show changes in life of one generation of pupils. 
Guides through exhibition are pupils from class 4c themselves.
Exhibition shows the periods before first, second, third, and fourth grade through drawings, tests, essays and other works created in those periods. Since, every child gives special importance to games, we built a 'children's room'.
There is hardly a person without some kind of a hobby, mainly collecting pictures, figurines, sugar bags and that is important part of free time.
A special board shows pupil's works from workshops (Easter workshop, mask workshop, and workshop from Days of bread exhibition) which were organized by Ethnographic Museum of Istria.
The purpose of this project, among others, was introducing children to museum operations, collecting objects, what curators do, and, finally, how to set up an exhibition.

Mirjana Margetić
Museum pedagogue