A Fisherman from Fazana

A Fisherman from Fažana - Fažana is an example of a typical fisherman’s town. Everyday life revolves around the sea: it is here that fishing, shipbuilding and the fish industry meet. The maritime history of Fažana is enriched with the strong influence of Pula as the main Austro-Hungarian naval base, and the Brijuni islands as the exclusive resort for the elite. The fishing history is thus intertwined with the historical determinants that shaped the Istrian culture.
At the beginning of the 20th century, Fažana was one of the most important fishing centres. It boasted 7% of gill nets on the western coast of Istria. Even though this part of the Austro-Hungarian coast was in the shadow of Trieste and Chioggia, the fishing powers of the northern Adriatic Sea, the fishing and shipbuilding of Fažana was of great importance for Istria.