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Fragments of the family economy of Istria

April - December 2021

A family farm (OPG) is based on a group of people, members of a joint household, who perform agricultural activity on a farm using their own or rented production units. According to the Croatian Encyclopedia, the economy is: acquiring, disposing of and managing the resources and abilities of individuals or human communities in order to satisfy their needs and desires. From the above we can conclude that once the family and the economy were an inseparable whole, but today in the family economy an important role is played by school and education.

In a family environment, one can no longer learn everything one needs to maintain the economy. In the past, the basic branches of the traditional economy in Istria were: animal husbandry, agriculture and fishing. Today it is also tourism. Family farms, whether in the field of agriculture, livestock or fishing, rely in part on the modern tourist industry.

Production: Etnografski muzej Istre / Museo etnografico dell’Istria                                  
Author of the exhibition: Ivona Orlić                                                    
Exhibition & graphic design: Kristina Kalčić
Technical support: Dragan Dimovski