Scientific research

requires regular and systematic field researches based on all the propositions of contemporary modalities of documentation, analysis and interpretation of different phenomena of Istria’s intangible culture. The activities of this branch are the basis of any further step of the growth of the Centre which also includes collecting already existing material (audio, video, photo, manuscripts, typed material, print, multimedia…) in Croatia and abroad.

Archiving and documenting activities

lead us to the processes of storing, cataloguing and inventorying new documented materials including those shipped from the archives of other institutions (even the private ones). The whole database is stored meticulously on up-to-date media in digitalized form and it’s available to all the interested users with the necessary professional supervision.

Counselling and educational activities

are primarily focused on the members of local communities and all the individuals and groups which in their work touch subjects as identification, definition, conservation, exhibition and transmission of certain elements of Istria’s intangible heritage. Another goal of educational or pedagogical activities is the education of a professional cadre aimed toward the transmission of knowledge and crafts via seminars, workshops, formal and informal education. In this light, activities that incite innovative methodology and technology in communication and education are tantamount.

Production activities

are aimed at the support of public activities by organizing various programmes. Those activities help in the developing of independent productions and co productions with existing and future associates, institutions and manifestations (local, regional, national, cross-border and international). This implies working on establishing new contacts and co operations with structures in Croatia and abroad that have similar programmes.